Ascension Group Diary

This is YOUR time to step into YOU


Ascension Group Diary


Helping you to help yourself

Awareness + actions to aid your spiritual momentum.
NOW is YOUR time to step into YOU.

Your spiritual ascension momentum is essentially about YOU for YOU. You are a spiritual package with varying aspects within YOUR Auras, within YOUR Karmic Body, within YOUR Chakras, within YOUR Spiritual Self and YOUR Physical Self.

As you grow, develop and understand the extent of your spirituality across the experiences that you go through, you enable a higher comprehension of YOUR BEING. For many it is a scary prospect.

Your spirituality opens up fully whether you feel ready for it or not. When this happens there is an intense feeling / emotion / sensation.

Since many people do not have the spiritual training and development from elders, peers or mentors to cope with these encounters, the impact of the voice and/or sights are profoundly disturbing to your five senses and sense of being when it happens. Truly.

This is the reason why YOU must use the Ascension Group Diary.  It is crafted specifically for YOU as you go through these experiences and many more. It acts as your aid. It acts as your companion. It acts as your record. In addition, as others develop they become YOUR mentor. In turn, as you develop, you become the mentor for others on their journeys. There is no need for you to be alone ever again as you go through your spiritual ascendancy in the here and now. You simply need to harness the resources with which to aid you on your spiritual experiences.

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NOW is YOUR time to step into YOU.

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